1. Attraction is important. Physical and emotional attraction will draw you to each other. These two elements are crucial to commence a relationship.
  2. Spiritual compatibility is vital. Experience has shown that it is always an uphill task for marriages to flourish if the partners have opposing religious beliefs or when their faith are contrary one to another.
  3. Love is a decision that has to be taken by both parties. For a Christian, it may be instructive to establish if the man understands the full concept of how Christ loves the church. The female must also consider that the partner qualifies in her estimation to be fully submissive to. This love must be demonstrated by mutual respect for each other. To love and honour at all times, even when you may not feel like.
  4. Consider the issue of change. Marriage will herald a raft of changes in your lives, but the momentum for change is the responsibility of each individual. It is an error to propose to change your partner into who you want them to be. You cannot change another human being and any effort in this regard can only lead to conflicts and frustration. However, you can change yourself. Your taste, expectations and outlook.
  5. Money is crucial in marriage. You must consider the earning potential of each other. Consider your partner’s attitude towards money and if you can live comfortably with it. Consider money not in the present, but what it may mean in your marriage.
  6. Have a good understanding of what children mean to a marriage. Understand that your marriage is to each other above all and that children will be a benefit. It is God that gives children and you must agree that the issue will not aggravate any of you. Psalms 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord : and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Also prepare that when children come, their arrival will introduce diverse changes to the home. Be prepared for the arrival of children and have discussions about the dynamics of raising children.
  7. Wait for the right person to spend your life with. Your choice of marital partner will influence the texture of your future peace and happiness; hence the decision must be carefully taken. Isaiah 28:16 says, ….”he that believeth shall not make haste.” Haste leads to error and regrets. Not every proposal is the one.
  8. You must grow individually and grow together. Marriage is not designed to end the aspiration of any of the parties in the relationship. You must carefully plan to achieve to the optimum, your goals and career, even within the confines of marriage.
  9. Continue to court your spouse as vigorously before and after the marriage. Every relationship is like a flowerbed that flourishes only to the extent of the care and affections lavished on it. You must be determined to wow your spouse at every opportunity.
  10. Consider your own cultural and family orientation and ascertain if you share the same values. Many marriages suffer because a party in the relationship is emotionally detached from family values and consider cultural or family responsibilities as unwelcome intrusions